1.  Stop wondering what everybody else is doing.  We see our peers, colleagues, friends and family posting everything from what they ate, where they worked out, what exercises they "died" on, what they drank pre and post workout, what outfit they decided on, which club bathroom they selfied in to everything in between.  The truth is, what we see on FB, IG and Twitter only gives us a moment taken out of somebody else's day.  We don't know what their intentions are, how they see themselves, how they interact with others, and who they are while nobody is looking.   It is up to you to decide how you want to live, love and thrive in this world today and everyday thereafter.  Who gives a f**k about what everybody else is doing.  The world is YOUR playground. 

2.  Create a list of things that inspire you.  Include areas regarding your career, relationships, health and body.  What lights the fire inside you?  How do you see yourself now and how can your current self develop into the self you want to become?  This requires time to yourself and reflection.  Taking the time to write it down and make a plan that you can stick to will keep you on track and moving forward. 

3.  Be specific and Be BOLD in your vision for the future.  You must complete number 2 in order to dive into this one.  No dream is too big, no goal is too unattainable.  It only matters that you believe you will achieve the reality you envision.  This is no time to cut yourself short.  Life is too uncertain...learn to live each breath running towards your dreams.  Once you have a clear picture and you can visualize your dreams, you are better apt to make the right decisions that bring you closer to them everyday.  Vision boards are great tools to remind yourself daily of the path you choose to take.

4.  Let go of all past trauma, pains and old stories that are no longer serving you.  You are the author of your story and rewriting it with a different perspective, that is equally true, will be more productive for healing and moving on. Commit to looking forward with a new pen to put to your paper. 

5.  Stop Procrastinating!  Are you afraid to put yourself out there? Ignore that little voice that tells you, '"they're all gonna laugh at you". That is the poison that will keep you from attaining your deepest desires and accomplishing your loftiest goals.  Stop putting off the trip you've always wanted to take and make a plan and do it!  Save for it, book it and go! You want to be in the best shape of your life?  Stop talking about next Monday and make every choice throughout the day dedicated to just that.  Pack your lunch, prep healthy meals, plan your workout schedule, go to the doctor for regular check ups, stop talking and start doing!

Written by: Gina T. 

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