We all experience some degree of new hope every time we celebrate the New Year!  Many of us were eager to see 2016 go and were looking forward to new opportunities in the New Year.  According to Statistic Brain,  over 40% of New Year's Resolutions have something to do with loosing weight, eating healthier, and working out more. It's no secret we see an influx of people at the gyms in January...fast forward to February, and the crowd is thinner and by  March the gym is back to "normal" status.  Only 8% of us will actually attain our goals. What is holding us back in pursuing our newly established goals? 

Now, I am not one to make resolutions.  I definitely made my share in my earlier years with some success and some failure.  I soon realized that my resolutions were more like wishes.  I thought about the habits I wanted to break, definitely talked about them, but never really had a specific plan of action and any sort of accountability set up to keep me on my desired path.  Below are 5 common mistakes all of us have made while trying to become a healthier, more active version of our current selves. 

1.  You were not mentally prepared for the task at hand.  Wanting something and doing the work to attain that something are entirely different things.  We often start out strong, but at the first sign of trouble, or inconvenience, we give in and cave on our goals.  For instance, I say I want to workout more, but I do nothing to clear my schedule, don't seek out the right environment, and continue to make excuses as to why I can't workout, my goal becomes just a wish. If we don't prepare for obstacles, distractions, work events, or anything that could become a setback, we will probably fail. Get your mind right first and the plan will be easy to execute.

2. Your expectations are Ridiculous!  I read the other the other day, on social media of course, that someone was trying a new gym to workout.  Three days into it, that someone was wondering why she hasn't seen a result yet.  I am not kidding...wish I was!  Your goals can be as big as you dream them, however, you must be intelligent about the process, length of time, commitment, hard work and sacrifice.  The bigger the goal, the more work you MUST put out.  That is not up for question.  Letting circumstances that change in the blink of an eye must not deter the determined.  The determined find a way.  They can't get to the gym?  They workout at home.  They have a work function and forgot their packed lunch? They figure out the best option to keep them focused and make it work.  They do what THE "FUCK' EVER to make it work. So, know what your expectations require and be willing to adjust accordingly.

3. You are too vague.  You want to have a better body.  You want to eat healthy. You want to travel more.  The more specific you are, the better shot you have.  I want to build a round booty.  I want to eat more green vegetables.  I want to see Italy.  These, at least, are more specific and can be planned, executed and put to a time line. 

4. You suck at managing your time.  Learning to prioritize took me the most time to learn.  I said "yes" to everything and found myself so over extended and overwhelmed that I gave up on all of it.  Make your goal your  PRIORITY.  If you have a significant other, discuss in detail what you are seeking and ask for support.  In most cases, if your partner can help you they will.  That may come in the form of taking the kids for an hour so you can grocery shop, workout, whatever.  Maybe they will adopt your new lifestyle and help you navigate your way when it gets hard.  You don't know unless you ask. Don't stack up extra work and expect to continue to honor the commitment to yourself.

5. You are wasting your time!  We live in a social media frenzied world, addicted to the dopamine rush that we receive when we get a text message or when somebody likes your FB post.  It has replaced the natural high that you actually have to work for once you crushed your workout or training session.  Distraction is everywhere and we have become zombies, unaware of the world around us, never taking any alone time, making plans, being busy.  Redirecting your energy and focusing on one task is necessary for your brain, body and spirit to reboot.  Put down your device and get the FUCK to work! 

Listen, we all get caught up in our lifestyle choices of convenience and plenty.  I am asking you to take a step back, to re-discover what really lights your fire and pursue that.  Think hard about why you want to attain your goals, the why will lead you down the path to longevity and will keep you focused when met with distraction.   The next blog will be on how to stay focused to find success. 

Written by: Gina T.