I have been hearing from multiple people over and over again that they are getting so bored with their food. All they do is they eat the same thing over and over again. They follow it up saying they know they need to switch it up in order to achieve  better results. Reality is, it is usually your choice of foods, not the repetition, that makes the difference in whether you will attain your body goals. The foods you put into your body have a direct effect on the how your body will utilize it's nutrients for fuel or for storage.  

 Our body's metabolism is just one big burning fire! Think about it in order to keep a fire going and make it burn hotter you add a piece of wood. Has to be a good healthy piece of wood I can't be a piece of crap soggy wet board. You throw it in a fire and the fire keeps burning  bigger and brighter. This is the same way your metabolism works. The more healthy meals you add to your body on a regular basis the hotter and faster your metabolism will burn.  However, it can be that same piece of wood that has been working for you over and over again. Granted it might get boring, but if you know it works and has been doing your body good then keep at it. Find the meals you like the most and your metabolism will react. 

Now sometimes to get a fire burning hotter we cheat and we had some gas, oil or lighter fluid and next you know the fire explodes. Your body will react the same way when it gets used to burning away the same thing over and over again. When you introduce a cheat meal of something that you really want, every once in awhile not all thr time, your metabolism will explode...your next workout will feel great and then it will go right back to the way it was working before burning away. So don't always think you need a switch up. If the food you're eating is working stick with it until your results are not changing, then switch it up just a little bit.

Now, that is the way your body likes to work, with diet and food.  When it comes to your workout your body will react  best to constant change and shocks to your system. The muscles in your body will hit a plateau after about four to five weeks of doing the same motions over and over again. They will begin to recognize the pattern and can anticipate the muscles will be stressed and stretched the same way.  They will stop responding and you will not feel the same as the first time you completed the workout.  We all experience this whenever we try a new exercise. It's a freaking pain in the ass at first, right?  The soreness you feel in your body, usually 24-48 hours after a workout, is because your muscles are not used to being stressed in that manner.  Small tears occur, in the muscle tissue, and the soreness goes away after the tissue heals with rest and proper nutrition.  Keep your system rattled, change it up, the more you can keep the body guessing with the workouts the quicker results you're going to see.