We have had a recent influx of new clients seeking something different.  By something different, I mean, something that should be at the core of EVERY SERVICE Business out there.  Customer Service.  I have been in the service business since the age of 13 and thank my parents for teaching me the value of great customer service.  Not just the, put a smile on your face and get through it customer service,  the kind of Customer Service that acts and feels from the heart.  A business of assessment.  It is a real gift, that can be learned, to figure out what exactly your client needs.  What  are they seeking? Not, what are they saying, rather, what do they really need? 

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In order to understand your clients, or customers needs, you must gather heaps of information first.  Name, address, birthday and email only tell you so much.  As a human  vested in other human's development, success and happiness, I am looking for details about who they are, why they are that way, and how I can help them.  Quite honestly, I can't help anybody if I don't constantly assess my own "shit" daily.  That topic will be saved for another time. In the meantime, I want you, the client/customer, to know that without honest information and communication there can be no service. Here are a few ways my team and I, take on the challenge of multiple needs based on individuals in our customer service oriented business. 

1. We try to walk in the shoes of our clients first, before we spurt out information that may or may not be relevant to them.  From the minute a new client/customer steps in to our doors or sends us an email, we ask them some important questions first, like how did they find us?  What sent them to seek our services?  Do we have any mutual friends? Where were they before and what prior experience sent them to us? Understanding where your clients came from will tell you a lot who they are and what they are seeking.

2.  We never ignore feedback!  No matter the type of feedback, we discuss it as a team and determine our next steps.  The old saying is true, you can't please everyone, however, feedback from our clients is crucial to our growth as a company and more importantly, it is at the heart of any great customer service business.  If the majority of our clients are expressing the same feeling, then BAM!! Lets, figure out how to change it and make it better.  Even when it comes to the technology we use, if it is not user friendly, I consider it a barrier between good customer service and great service. 

3.  We look out for the "other" guy.  Meaning, if we are not equipped to offer the service our client is seeking, it is important that we can refer them to a place that we know can help them.  Now, some of you may call that bad business, but if we truly have our clients best interest at heart, this is a non-issue. I can't tell you how many times I have referred clients to other studios knowing that my studio may not be the best fit for them.  Knowing our clients needs can only help us serve them better, even if it comes in the way of referral to another business.  That is good business and exceptional Customer Service. 

4.  Time.  When I schedule a sit-down or chat with a new or existing client, I never put a time limit on it.  Sometimes it takes minutes to get to the heart of why they are sitting in that chair, and sometimes it takes many, many minutes.  Point is, the ultimate goal for our clients is have their needs met.  I will never forget why they came to my business in the first place.  It is one of the most rewarding parts about this business.  I love people, I love watching them transform their mind, body and spirit one day at a time.  Taking the time to get to know each individual is an honor that I will always feel grateful for! 

This is our business model, and this is why we love our intimate connection to each of you!!!  We want to get to know you, your habits, good and bad, your lifestyle, goals, careers, family life and more importantly, what lights you up everyday???   Can I get an AMEN?!!!   


Written by Gina Tralongo

August 2018