Budokon® Yoga & Other Workout Classes At Our Gym in Albany NY

BUDOKON® Primary Series

Have you ever wanted to move with ease, be pain free, remain strong while gaining flexibility?  Budokon® has paved the way creating primal movement patterns that are all the rage now.  For over 25 years, Budokon® has influenced the way we teach by integrating playful intention and freedom of movment.  The Budokon® Yoga curriculum is influenced by intelligent alignment principles, the freedom of creative sequencing cultivated and the circular nature of Martial Arts. The Budokon Yoga system can be summed up in one sentence: Budokon Yoga is the art of seamless transition coupled with the beauty of circular rotation.   Anybody can benefit from this practice.  Open and encouraged for all levels.


Drop-In rate $16

10 Class pack $130