Seared Salmon and Cauliflower Mash: 1 Serving

Tip: Make extra Mash and use for breakfast with eggs next morning! 

4-5 ounce serving salmon steak with skin

1/2 cauliflower head chopped into smaller size pieces

1 tbsp grass fed butter

2 tbsp avocado oil…(or Olive oil)

Salt & Pepper



1      Steam the cauliflower in a medium size pot until soft.

2      While the cauliflower is being steamed, heat up the oil in a medium size skillet over medium/high

3      Season the salmon steak with salt and freshly ground pepper and then sear the steak for 4 minutes on each side for well done. Remove from pan.

4      When the cauliflower is soft, transfer into a blender and add 1 tbsp of butter. Blend on high until smooth. Add salt for taste and mix well.

5      Spread the cauliflower mash on a plate and place the salmon steak in the middle on top. Serve hot.

6. Serve with 1 cup Roasted Brussel Sprouts