1 Tbsp Grape seed oil 

 2 Garlic cloves, minced 

 8 Oz Chicken breast, sliced 

 1 Cup Bean sprout 

 1/2 Cup Napa Cabbage, finely chopped 

 1/2 Cup Enoki Mushrooms 

 2 Tsp Liquid Aminos

Start by heating up your minced garlic cloves in a hot medium-sized pan.

Next, sear your chicken with the garlic. Once it's seared, add the bean sprouts to the pan.

Pour in the chopped Napa cabbage and your Enoki mushrooms, topping everything with liquid amino's to taste.

Toss and stir the contents of the pan to mix all flavors thoroughly.

Once the sprouts loosen up and the cabbage has taken on a bit of color, your stir fry is ready to be plated.