6 Oz Chicken breast, thinly sliced 

 1/2 Cup Bell pepper, chopped 

 1/2 Cup Mushrooms, sliced 

 2 Garlic clove, minced 

 1 Tbsp Onion powder 

 1 Cup Chicken stock 

 1 Tbsp Grape seed oil 

 1 Tbsp Taco seasoning

 1 Cup Canned diced tomatoes 

 1/4 Cup Green chilli peppers, (canned or fresh) 

 Sea salt & pepper


Heat up a large pot with grape seed oil and sauté the bell pepper, garlic, and mushrooms with onion powder.

Add the chicken to the pot, letting it sear evenly and pick up some color.


Pour in the chicken stock along with the diced tomatoes, and stir in the green chili pepper

Stir in taco seasoning. Let simmer until the chicken is tender (approximately 20 minutes).