About Our Gym in Albany, NY

"Not Just A Gym...A Family"

Here at FreeStyle Fitness we specialize in small group classes in order to accommodate every individual that walks through our doors. We have created an atmosphere where everyone can feel comfortable and get the most out of their workout through the guidance of our certified specialist's. Our small group classes allow our instructors to not just run you through a routine but, specifically teach you every step in a safe environment. No more limitations...No more fears...get the attention you deserve here at FreeStyle Fitness!

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  • Our Mission is to inspire, innovate and motivate.  

Free Style Fitness wants to help you transform your entire life.  Helping people create life long, healthy habits is the first step in achieving a clear vision for all future dreams and aspirations.  WE are here every step of the way, for every walk of life, every age, every limitation, every man, woman and child to instill healthy habits day by day to make our dreams a reality.  Realizing our dreams is a fundamental element that inspires people to reach for more and reach out to help the community around them  At least, that is what has inspired us!!  Finding ways to make a difference in the lives of others is what living our best life possible is all about.   

Free Style Fitness Center is the capital district's only fitness studio that specializes in true small group class and personal training. attention to detail and personalized attention are a couple of things that keep our clients dedicated to their progress and returning. if you are looking to make lasting changes check out a few other things that makes us unique:

  • Experienced Instructors and Trainers that are nationally accredited and insured to ensure a safe practice for all our clients, students and guests of any age, limitation and fitness level
  • The latest trends in fitness along with Our Ultimate Fusion 50 series created by the owner drawing from 15 years experience in strength training, pilates, yoga and fitness competition preparation. Her expertise in understanding a woman's body, even after child birth, and in understanding the dynamics of juggling family, relationships, career goals and health goals allow her to create individualized and personalized plans for all seeking change.

  • Our custom "Off The Wall" series created by the owners that allow you to tap into your inner athlete and have a blast while getting after it
  • Free First Week of Classes choose from any  Budokon® or Fitness classes.

  • Intimate group training.  This helps our clients get the most out their workouts allowing for hands on corrections, questions asked and answered and a focused environment.

  • Team Focused Events, Obstacle Course Race Training, Free Outdoor Events, Fitness Retreats

  • One-on-One Personal Training

  • Nutrition Coaching:  Our Health Challenge Program  or One-On-One Coaching can help you achieve optimal health without buying "products" and supplements.
  • Fitness competition prep (Bikini or Figure)
  • Cooking and Educational Workshops
  • Private changing rooms
  • Easy access in and out of the studio with three doors to enter and/or exit
  • Lighted parking lot with ample parking in busy plaza to help ensure safety