Deepening Your Yoga Practice

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” -Rumi

As humans we construct psychological walls barring the discomfort and pain we have experienced or anticipate experiencing. A constant state of anxiety causes tightening emotionally and physically. We’ve learned to push ourselves but forcefulness does not invite opening. This workshop will focus on easing into the subtle movements of a particular core muscle: the psoas.

The psoas (pronounced so-as) is the most interesting and least understood muscle in the human body. Located deep in our body's midsection it is "...the source of overall stability and mobility in... the body as a whole.” -Mark Stevens

Winding through our core, the psoas--when supple and well nourished--relays messages of safety and integrity to our nervous system. However when it is in a state of neglect the psoas will cause problems within the body. Lower back discomfort, knee pain, and digestive ailments can be caused and exacerbated by a chronically contracted psoas.

This workshop focuses on the psoas, tying together the physical and emotional repercussions of neglecting this sensory muscle. We will discuss barriers that the psoas creates that block our ability to cultivate courage, will power, and self actualization- all of which are linked to the core musculature.

We will strengthen our physical and emotional bodies through activating our core center. Beginning with soft awakening, this practice will move into a strong flow with a focus on asanas (postures) that reveal personal integrity and finish with restorative ease to round out the workshop. Join Rebecca for this unique opportunity to explore the many layers of the psoas muscle. All levels welcome.

$25 Pre-Registered  $30 Walk-in