• Free Style Fitness & Yoga Center (map)
  • 1800 Western Ave
  • Albany, NY, 12203
  • United States

Join me for an exciting chance to learn a truly integrated movement system that weaves martial arts, yoga and living arts.  Budokon is a thoughtful, transition based series that promotes conscious living and provokes a radical honesty within each of us in order to discover our weakness's.

In this workshop you  will learn the philosophy behind Budokon and get a chance to discover new postures including, Rolling Wave, Cobra Roll, Coiling Dragon, Dancing Dog and Warrior's Bridge to name a few.  

This workshop is designed to introduce a new, exciting way to think about movement so bring a friend and let's roll! All levels are welcome!

All you need is an open-mind and smile because this will be fun!!  After all, its all made up anyway!!

"The Way we do Anything is the Way we do Everything"

(Cameron Shayne)