Join the Team June 18th:

We are registered for the Spartan Sprint Race happening on June 18th held at Tuxedo Ridge NY. 
We have an elite Spartan Racer training with us now and she will be helping all of us as we approach our June race date. In fact, she will be running the course first with the elite division and then running it again with us. Super stoked about that!! Some of us are racing as a competitive challenge, while others are racing to have the best time possible! Either way, we will be right beside you! Read through this email carefully and let us know any questions or concerns you may have...looking forward to this challenging course and kicking some ass!!

To register on our team, simply click the link below, fill out the personal info required, we are racing the afternoon time slot, and look for the Join A Team button.  
Our team name is Free Style Fitness Fanatics
Our password is: Albany2016
Our Team Captain is : Amanda DeSarbo hahaha
Register Here For Spartan Race @


Tuxedo Ridge is a ski resort located an hour outside of New York City that provides a wintery escape for ski fanatics during the frozen months, but come Spring, it transforms into an epic barrage of non-stop technical terrain and obstacles for eager Spartans to conquer.

The resort, an area known by locals as Tiger Mountain, promises over four hilly miles of incredibly challenging obstacle race adventure. As one of the most popular Spartan Sprint events, you’ll experience a constant wave of inclines and declines, many of Spartan’s signature obstacles, and a giant uphill mud crawl that is sure to put your training to the test. You don’t want to miss out on this Spartan favorite!


1. With previous participation records reaching over 11,000 Spartans during this popular race weekend, you can be confident that you’ll be joining thousands of eager racers as you each seek to earn your medal. The feeling of camaraderie and teamwork is unmatched at this venue.

2. Located just outside of New York City, your pre and post-race dining and entertainment options are endless, making this the perfect venue for a race-cation.

3. Hosted in mid-spring, the potential weather at this Spartan Sprint couldn’t be more ideal. Mild temperatures and breezy days make weather the least of your worries as you prepare to climb, claw, and conquer your way to the finish line.

4. Explore the beauty of Central Park in central Manhattan while you recover from crushing this course.