Plant BAsed Nutrition Coaching

We believe and follow healthy concepts that are specifically geared toward our goals and our lifestyles.  We choose a plant based approach to wellness that is backed by science designed to have you feeling your best, looking your best and preventing common known diseases.  We do not follow "fad" diet crazes or "in the moment" food trends.  Understanding why food is so important in achieving optimal health is our obsession.  We spend hundreds of hours researching, studying and taking various courses to understand the effects our food choices have on our bodies.  We then get to the kitchen and create easy recipes that are delicious enough for the entire family. It helps that Gina T. has been working in a kitchen, in her families restaurants,  since the age of 13 and her obsession with fitness, food and health have helped create the menu's on this program. 

Why Plant Based Nutrition?

  1. It's simple really, our bodies do not produce disease fighting cells on their own.  In fact, we need a variety of plants to help us create an environment conducive to fighting various illness from the common cold to autoimmune disease, skin conditions, digestive issues, cancer and even autism.  Focusing on creating habits that build healthy bacteria in our guts is more important than focusing on numbers on a scale. Our gut is responsible for producing good and bad bacteria, the good will crowd out the bad when feeding on unprocessed foods, a variety of plants, limited sugar, consuming healthy fats, probiotics, whole fruit, and ancient unrefined grains. 
  2.   Plant Based comes in a variety of forms.  It could mean vegan, vegetarian or even mostly plants with some grass fed meat, cage free eggs, antibiotic and hormone free poultry etc.  The point is, you can choose which lifestyle suits you best understanding that plants are going to be the main attraction on your plate while any animal protein will be the side show. We would never suggest cutting out all animal proteins at once and dive right into a full plant based lifestyle.  Making small changes here and there over a long period of time is more realistic and less overwhelming.  
  3.    Eating plant based can help you lower your cholesterol, is good for the environment, is low in saturated fat, loaded with   vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. 
  4. You can click on this link for more information about how your gut health can effect your body and mind.  

Plant BAsed Program Details:

1. On this plan I will send you a weekly menu with a few different options, including recipes, for each meal and each day.  The recipes for breakfast and lunch with take no longer than 5-10 minutes to prep with dinners taking anywhere between 20-30 minutes.  You will have options for the entire week so if you don’t like something or don’t want to repeat meals you don’t have to. You will have options to add animal protein to any dish, which is convenient when cooking for more than one person who may or may not be down to go all  out plants.  


2.  Three meals per day with no snacking unless you have to. We have already reset our metabolism when we ate several meals through out the day during our last few programs.  It takes time for our bodies to work again for us after the neglect and abuse we have put ourselves through with years of not eating, eating processed foods, skipping meals, binging and hormone changes. After going through a period of regulating your insulin, with regular small meals, your body is ready for just a few meals per day.  We don’t need as much as we think we do and if we listen to our bodies signals we can be the master of our bodies once again.  I will provide snack options if you need until you adjust.  Think Lemon Coconut Muffins or Brownie Muffins and smoothies.  Recipes for smoothies will be included and my grain free, zero sugar muffins will be available to purchase if wanted.  See #4 for details.


3. One day of moderate intermittent fasting.  This is optional, not required, but if weight loss is part of your goal you should consider it.  You pick a day when you have a light schedule and are not working out.  I will send you 6 mini meals to eat that you will space out during the day. These are quick things like celery and Peanut Butter, hard boiled egg etc.  Nothing that will take a lot of prep time.    I will have more about all of these topics as we go by posting videos to a closed group on FB.


4. If you are looking to go grain-free but love bread, you can purchase any of my grain-free bread or muffins.    Of course cost is an issue. I use only the finest quality, organic, non-GMO ingredients which makes the difference between our own goods and store bought.  No preservatives, fillers, flavorings or anything, which also means you can keep everything in the freezer to keep it fresh and use it as you like with zero waste.  No flour, zero sugar and very low carbohydrates allowing you to eat bread without the sugar crash or bloat that accompanies processed breads on the market currently.  All orders can be placed By Tuesday of each week and will be available for Friday Pick up at the studio.  Simply shoot me and email to place your order. Prices below.


5. 3 Checkpoints with assessment and practical applications with me throughout the six weeks.  You will also have access to my own personal food log throughout the 6 weeks with some videos that will be posted on my blog on our website.  It’s like having me in your kitchen with you sharing tips, recipes and any information I learn along the way.


Product Pricing:

Nut Bread: $24 per loaf  18 Slices, pre-sliced, keep in freezer 

Cinnamon Raisin Bread: $16 per loaf 18 slices, pre-sliced, keep in freezer

Lemon Coconut Berry Muffins:  6 muffins for$15 or 12 for $27     These freeze well, one is a snack, two makes a quick breakfast when out of time! 

Brownie Muffins: 6 for $15 OR 12 for $27 

Grain Free Choc. Chip Cookies:  12 for $18


Please email me with any questions  OR to place an order at

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8 Week Health Challenge:   You can Start Anytime

This is the most fun you will have learning about what works for your body and how to apply little hacks to keep you on track, even through Holidays, stressful situations, life-altering events or for that event you have coming up and want to look and feel your best. 

 Let us hold you accountable and keep you inspired to live your fittest life.  This program includes:

  • Bi-weekly Meetings with our trainers to asses progress
  • Private access to our Monthly Menu provided with your own password to unlock all recipes and meals for up to 60 days.                          
  • Meal Plans with Suggested Weekly Menu Provided (everyday will be different to eliminate food boredom)
  • Learning new ways to fit your health goals into your busy life without it becoming overwhelming and stressful
  • Incorporating these concepts while eating out and at social functions
  • Non-Members may participate and receive a discounted membership for classes while participating in the Challenge. (ask for details)

Cost: $150 per month
*This is a 2 month auto-pay schedule in addition to your membership auto-pay. 

Eating foods that are nutrient dense and filled with hormone balancing minerals help maintain a healthy weight.

Eating foods that are nutrient dense and filled with hormone balancing minerals help maintain a healthy weight.

We will create a custom food plan that incorporates the foods you already love while integrating new ideas and healthy options that fit your lifestyle.

We will create a custom food plan that incorporates the foods you already love while integrating new ideas and healthy options that fit your lifestyle.

One-on-one Coaching:

Whether you are looking to look great in that swimsuit for vacation or wedding, or looking to change your lifestyle completely, this personalized program  is tailored to you.  You will meet with your coach bi-weekly to discuss progress and track goals set. You will have access to:

  • A Food Plan made for your bodies needs, goals and/or restrictions.  We thoroughly discuss what your short and long term goals are, asses your current plan and put into place a plan of action to get you jump started and ready.
  • Your coach 24/7 for text and email check-in's along with any planning you may need to navigate around social events, parties and work and family commitments. 
  • Bi-weekly body fat composition analysis.  We will weigh you on the scale, measure you and calculate your body fat using caliper measurements.  Of course, this is optional and depends on your goals.  We use three tracking methods in order to have a clear understanding of what works for you and what doesn't.  Everybody is different and is treated as such with this program.  

Cost:          $399/ first 2 months $110/each month thereafter

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General Nutrition Program Guide: (Coming Soon)

This is a General Nutrition Packet that includes recipes, menu's, and the science behind the philosophy that we incorporate into our Nutrition Coaching Program.   This is meant to be a resource for anyone interested in slowly incorporating some of these ideas into their life at their own pace.  It is filled with eating out hack's, 5 ingredient or less recipes, low-carb recipes, low sugar recipes, lists of nutrient dense packed foods and hormone balancing foods that are proven to help women cope with any stage of menopause.  Our needs change as we age and this is a comprehensive, easy to understand packet to keep for years.