Motivational & Challenging Fitness Classes in Albany NY

Off the Wall


These classes combine strength, endurance, cardio, power and agility. Each class is completely unique and the focus for every class is different. The class size maxes out at 11 people and is tailored to each individuals strengths and limitations. You can be sure it will be challenging and rewarding.  In true circuit fashion expect the unexpected. Ignite your inner athlete, you can do anything for a minute!!!

Banded harness motions

Gymnastic Rings


Weighted Exercises


Battle Ropes

Banded Exercises

Plyo Boxes

Bosu Motions

Possibilities are endless....

Each class is 45 minutes long. Exercises are done for minute intervals with short rest switching period in between each. Work together as a team and build off each others energy to help push yourself to the end. Sneakers are required for this class and try to show up approx. 10 min early to learn how to set up your harness and learn the routine.