What to expect:

  • huge gains in strength And Muscle endurance (that you track)   

  • a proper understanding of technique, anatomical alignment and equipment adjustment

  • flexibilty in  programming/timing

  • a trainer every step of the way

  • a real strength training program

  • team atmosphere

  • the most helpful members and staff to help you reach your goals

 This program was developed by our trainers as a way to include pure strength training or endurance training to our already amazing small group classes.  While we focus on certain muscle groups everyday during our group classes, we also incorporate cardio movements to help keep your heart rate high and your muscles challenged.  Open Gym gives you an opportunity to focus ONLY on strength and allows you to learn the Olympic type lifts that our trainers incorporate in their own workouts.  The only way to do that is to provide a safe environment under the sharp eye and adjustments of an accredited trainer.   You will learn all the proper techniques, incorporate them and help other members navigate the gym also.  Whether you are new to working out, intimidated by big box gyms, a seasoned pro athlete, this program is TRULY for anyone.  In a few short months, you will see and feel the difference between just participating in a group class or being part of a group of people that lifts each other up. 

Welcome To OPEN GYM:  

the only private gym, in the capital district, that offers one-on-one training to all members at an affordable price.  This is not a group fitness class.  This is an opportunity to work your strength or muscle endurance with a trainer made program that changes every four weeks.  This allow us to track your progress, develop your strengths and work your weakness.  we create a program and tailor it yo your needs, limitations, goals etc.