our Staff:

We hand picked our staff to offer only the finest, best qualified and most talented trainers in the Capital District.  The owners and staff share common values, beliefs and are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet .They do their best to uphold what they believe to live their best lives possible.  Striking the balance of being fit, healthy, active and finding time to dedicate to their careers, loved ones and community is a balancing act they carefully plan each week. Below is a bit about who they are and why they are part of of FreeStyle Fit Family.

Gina playing with some of her favorite body weight exercises while teaching.  Her passion for inspiring others is evident the minute you step through the door.

Gina playing with some of her favorite body weight exercises while teaching.  Her passion for inspiring others is evident the minute you step through the door.

Gina M. Tralongo 42 years old, 2 kids & Owner FreeStyle Fitness

MOvement Artist, Budokon® Primary series, Calisthenics Coach, working on Red Belt in bdk Martial arts     200 RYT,   affa/nasm cpt, cpr 

Gina opened Free Style Fitness to share her love of all things fitness and health in order to build our community and share ideas in a nonjudgmental environment. Her love of Pilates led her to NYC in 2002/2003 where she studied along side of Joseph Pilates' protege Romana Kryzanowska at Drago's Gym. Hours and hours of practice and observation only deepened her curiosity about other disciplines. 

She became a personal trainer through AFFA and NASM in 2010, where she trained private clients and taught group classes at a local club. She then received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certificate in 2013 under instruction from Jennilee Toner in the Hot Warrior Yoga series. In 2015 she fell in love with yet another movement system known as Budokon®. 

Budokon has helped Gina fuse her love of strength training, calisthenics work, yoga and mobility work, martial arts and intelligent sequencing into what is now called the FreeStyle Fit Method. She has taken elements of each discipline and developed an effective movement system that transforms the way people move and live.

When Gina is not teaching classes, she designs nutrition programs based on whole foods, their affects on different body chemistry and is currently undergoing her certification in holistic nutrition.   Her love of choosing to live a healthy lifestyle everyday is apparent from the moment you meet her.  She has developed 4 days intensive programs that include nutrition, fitness, yoga, outdoor adventure and travel.  Her 20 years chef experience allows her to create healthy, delicious, nutrient dense foods that keep her and her clients energized through buy schedules. 

Along the way, Gina has competed in fitness competitions, currently participates in obstacle races, volunteers at local schools to share her passion for movement and is passionate about teaching families easy ways to get and stay healthy.   She is currently certified as a sensei in the Budokon® Primary Yoga Series and is a BDK-Calisthenics Coach.  She is also currently working toward he Red Belt on the Budokon Martial Arts System.

Gina's passion for helping people keeps her open-minded as she has realized that not one method is better than the other. Respecting all disciplines helps create true change in our lives and the lives around us. When Gina is not teaching, creating programs or attending trainings, she loves to spend time with her 11 year old boy, 4 year old girl and lovely fianceé. 


Shawn  keeping a watchful eye while teaching and always making it look easy!

Shawn  keeping a watchful eye while teaching and always making it look easy!

Shawn J Huber   32 years old  Amazing father of 2   Director FreeStyle fitness

affa/Nasm Cpt,cpr Budokon® Calisthenics Coach 

I throughly love learning about all of the unique differences each one of our bodies hold. Fitness/Wellness is a never-ending way of life that is specifically unique to each one of us. I love trying to grasp that concept and portray it through the workouts I develop. Each program is as unique as we are. 

I have been a trainer for 14 years carrying my certification through AFAA and a group instructor for just as long. Being able to follow my dream and open FreeStyle Fitness with my Fiancé has been one of my greatest achievements. It truly is a dream come true that has opened up so much more opportunity for our creativeness. I try to make each workout unique and challenging by keeping your body and muscles guessing with muscle confusion. I have a passion for Functional Fitness and hold value in the endless ways it can change one motion. Creativity goes a long way in the Fitness world. 

As well as my love for helping others achieve their goals I always set goals for myself as well. I have competed in Power Lifting and Fitness Challenges where I have pushed myself to achieve some amazing goals and constantly research the newest fitness trends for it is a never-ending field. 

I have forged special relationships with my clients and have become their friend as much as their motivator. Helping others achieve goals in and out of the gym has been most rewarding. Fitness can be one of the best stress relievers when commitment meets intention and I am blessed to live my dreams along side my clients. 

I also love spending time with my family. They are the ones that can always bring a smile to my face no matter what the situation. They have helped me realize that the most simple things in life are some of the most important ones to hold on to!!! 


Anna with a few of her loyal following.  Don't let her sweet smile fool you...she will give you the workout of your life!                  

Anna with a few of her loyal following.  Don't let her sweet smile fool you...she will give you the workout of your life!














anna kintz  47 years old   mother, wardrobe-consultant and trainer freestyle Fitness 

nasm cpt, certified group




Anna Kim-Kintz became a certified P90X Live group trainer after two years of personal and small group training. As a busy mom and part-time wardrobe consultant she was amazed at her own results and has since become a fitness enthusiast. After years of running and suffering back and knee injuries she realized the importance of cross training with pilates, yoga and weights....stabilization/core and strength training improved her running pace from 9 min mile to an 8 min mile. Anna believes that proper form and corrective exercise is key to working out injury free and is currently holds a personal training certificate through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.  She is excited to teach all levels of fitness in a fun group setting and to inspire others to believe that it is never too late to begin a strong and healthy lifestyle! 


Bree Glaski  25 years old  kick-ass old soul, Trainer and Fitness junkie


Bree graduated from St. Rose with a degree in Forensic Psychology and is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. Growing up, she took part in gymnastics lessons and was a competitive cheerleader throughout her middle and high school years. Bree remained very active during college between yoga and running but didn't realize her true love for fitness until becoming a member at Freestyle.
She always knew she wanted to help individuals feel and be their best self but wasn't sure in which way. Bree decided to change career paths from the mental health field to the fitness industry. Her passion is to inspire and motivate others to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Having a strong background in Psychology coupled with knowledge in fitness and health, she can help all fitness levels conquer their fears, overcome obstacles and stay motivated to achieve any goal!

"Inspire, motivate, educate"