Personal Training & Fitness Class Rates

Providing Fitness Instruction To The Albany, NY Area

Free Week Trial

Enjoy your First week at FreeStyle on us!!  This is a perfect opportunity to try the various classes we offer, to meet our inspiring members and to get to know our amazing staff.   We will help you set goals, answer any questions and address any concerns while you take in the community that FreeStyle is so proud to  be a part of.  Just click the "Class Schedule" Tab and sign into which ever class you choose.  It will prompt you for payment option, choose Free Week Trial. This is only available for first time clients.

Please note that Free Week Trials are valid for local residents only.  You can attend up to 7 classes within 7 days from start date. 


Unlimited Introductory Offer: $99

Lock in our best deal for the next three months to start the New Year out right.  You will be able to attend as many classes as you like, get to know our staff and members at a fraction of the cost.  You will save $180 by taking advantage of this offer.  This is for new clients only and is a 3 month auto-pay renew.  Call 518-649-2131 for any questions otherwise don't wait any longer, limited availability on this deal!

Personal Training Special:

1. Purchase a 10 pack of personal training sessions for $600 and receive UNLIMITED Class access for a month.  This is the perfect solution for serious clients looking to crush their goals with a comprehensive plan, accountability and the flexibility of incorporating our high intensity classes for the extra burn but not the extra bucks! 

*the 10 class pack must be used within two months of start date

2. BUY 5 GET 1 PERSONAL TRAINING: $350 ($70 SAVINGS) Pile up as many 5 packs of personal training as you want and receive a free session on top of each 5


If you are interested in meeting one-on-one with one of our experienced trainers to discuss a specific goal, nutrition analysis, any health concerns and to create a program that is specific in reaching your goals, please contact Gina @ to set up an appointment.

 Cost for initial appointment: $75 

You will spend approx. 1 hour with the trainer as they assess your specific needs and design a plan of action suited to your needs. 



Unlimited ALL Access $159:
Included is access to All the fitness and Recovery classes we offer.
You can come as often as you like and choose from classes like:

Ultimate Fusion 50   Hot Body Sculpt     Off The Wall    Total Body Blast     Budokon®   Open Gym/Pick 6    

FreeStyle Circuit Training    Muscle Up    BDK Calisthenics   TAbata/Hiit    Obstacle Course Circuit   Strike Training

  Classes are kept intimate, often working with two trainers, this is as close as you get to a personal training session for a fraction of the cost.  There is no other studio in the Capital District that offers the variety of classes Free Style offers.  We pride ourselves on creating a team atmosphere where clients become friends and all new people feel like family right away.   Sign up for your first week FREE by clicking the Class Schedule Tab. 


*This Special can be purchased here or in studio and is a 12 month program.  No extensions, transfers or exceptions.  No Refunds. Please note cancellation policy below.


Limited Membership: $119

Have acess to all of the above classes up to 10 times a month.  This membership is designed to be affordable and effective, while we know how busy our schedules have become this enables you to take up to 10 classes per month.  Cost breakdown is $11.90 per class making this a great value.  

*This is a 12 month auto-renew program.  No extensions, transfers, exceptions.  No refunds. Please not cancellation policy below.



Drop-in Rates for All Fitness Classes: $25

10 Class Packs: $200

This rate applies to all above classes except for Budokon®

*All Class packs expire 6 months after date of purchase


Drop in Rates for Budokon®: $16

10 Class Packs: $130

*All class packs expire 6 months after date of purchase




One-on-One Training/Coaching: $70 private session

Any private session that allows you to work with one of our trainers, instructors or coaches.  This can be used in any manner that suits you but with a clear goal set to ensure success.  From nutrition planning to workouts, even hard talks,  nothing is off-limits and we will use a variety of creative techniques to keep your mind clear and focused on achieving greatness!

10 session pack $650         20 session pack $1200   

**Look above for our exclusive 10 pack special that includes Unlimited Access to All Classes





Refund and Cancellation Policy:

All purchases are non-refundable.  Any refund will be credited to in studio accounts.


Early cancellation on 12 month commitment rates will be as follows: 

Any cancellation requests must be submitted in writing 30 days before the next billing cycle. If the full length of contract is not fulfilled, you will be billed a membership cancellation fee, charging the difference between the membership fee you paid and the contract length you completed. (ie: If you sign up for a one year contract and pay $159/month and decide to cancel after 3 months which would typically cost $199/month, you will need to pay $120 for cancellation fee.