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Gina Tralongo
CPT 200RYT Budokon®
Mixed Movement Artist

Gina opened Free Style Fitness to share her love of all things fitness and health in order to build our community and share ideas in a nonjudgmental environment. Her love of Pilates led her to NYC in 2002/2003 where she studied along side of Joseph Pilates' protege Romana Kryzanowska at Drago's Gym. Hours and hours of practice and observation only deepened her curiosity about other disciplines.

She became a personal trainer in 2010, where she trained private clients and taught group classes at a local club. She then received her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certificate in 2013 under instruction from Jennilee Toner. It wasn't until Gina had her second child that she decided to incorporate all her favorite things about each discipline into one Method.

That is how Ultimate Fusion 50® was born. Incorporating her love of pilates, strength training, cardio conditioning and yoga on a custom made machine that resembles the reformer, she was able to refine her method and introduce it to the public with the opening of the studio in August 2014.

Along the way, Gina has competed in fitness competitions, dabbled in martial arts and participated in several races. She attended Budokon® University spring 2015 for yet another certification to share her love of movement arts with her students. She is currently certified as a sensei in the Budokon® Primary Series and BDK-Calisthenics Second series certification will be underway Spring 2016.

Gina's passion for helping people keeps her open-minded as she has realized that not one method is better than the other. Respecting all disciplines helps create true change in our lives and the lives around us. When Gina is not teaching, creating programs or attending trainings, she loves to spend time with her 10 year old boy, 3 year old girl and lovely fianceé.

Personal Trainer in Albany, NY


I throughly love learning about all of the unique differences each one of our bodies hold. Fitness/Wellness is a never-ending way of life that is specifically unique to each one of us. I love trying to grasp that concept and portray it through the workouts I develop. Each program is as unique as we are.

I have been a trainer for 14 years carrying my certification through AFAA and a group instructor for just as long. Being able to follow my dream and open FreeStyle Fitness with my Fiancé has been one of my greatest achievements. It truly is a dream come true that has opened up so much more opportunity for our creativeness. I try to make each workout unique and challenging by keeping your body and muscles guessing with muscle confusion. I have a passion for Functional Fitness and hold value in the endless ways it can change one motion. Creativity goes a long way in the Fitness world.

As well as my love for helping others achieve their goals I always set goals for myself as well. I have competed in Power Lifting and Fitness Challenges where I have pushed myself to achieve some amazing goals and constantly research the newest fitness trends for it is a never-ending field.

I have forged special relationships with my clients and have become their friend as much as their motivator. Helping others achieve goals in and out of the gym has been most rewarding. Fitness can be one of the best stress relievers when commitment meets intention and I am blessed to live my dreams along side my clients.

I also love spending time with my family. They are the ones that can always bring a smile to my face no matter what the situation. They have helped me realize that the most simple things in life are some of the most important ones to hold on to!!!

Personal Trainer in Albany, NY


"The body achieves, what the mind believes."

Kelly's career started with softball in 6th grade, 4 sports in high school, softball in college to teaching various aerobic classes and cardio kickboxing as an adult. Throughout this time, Kelly maintained her love for running and since then ran a full marathon, several 1/2 marathons and lots of 5ks, 10ks and 15ks. This has now evolved into participating in Duathlons, Sprint Triathlons and this year going to tackle a 1/2 Ironman.

She became an AFAA group ex instructor and MADD Dogg Spin instructor in 2010. In 2011, became a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and since has certified with NASM as a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, corrective Exercise Specialist and currently working on the Performance Enhancement Specialist. With these certifications, Kelly has trained private clients and taught many group classes at a local club.

Throughout all these years of taking classes, teaching classes, training clients, participating in endurance events and meeting lots of wonderful people, Kelly has developed a passion for helping others to discover the best in themselves. Once a person finds that, there is nothing they can't do! What most people don't realize is "fitness", "strength" & "health" are not just about weight lifting, cardio conditioning and eating right. There is so much more to the process. I love being a part of the journey people are on and watching than blossom into much more than they ever thought was possible. Whether I've known someone for one day or several years, if I can touch them in a way that they now feel positive about themselves, then I know I've done my job.

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Anna Kim-Kintz became a certified P90X Live group trainer after two years of personal and small group training. As a busy mom and part-time wardrobe consultant she was amazed at her own results and has since become a fitness enthusiast. After years of running and suffering back and knee injuries she realized the importance of cross training with pilates, yoga and weights....stabilization/core and strength training improved her running pace from 9 min mile to an 8 min mile. Anna believes that proper form and corrective exercise is key to working out injury free and is currently enrolled at the National Academy of Sports Medicine to receive her personal training certification. She is excited to teach all levels of fitness in a fun group setting and to inspire others to believe that it is never too late to begin a strong and healthy lifestyle!

Personal Trainer & Gyms in Albany, NY


Starting at the ripe age of 4, Antoni’s fitness journey began with his introduction into Taekwondo. Important aspects of this martial art such as positive principles and tenets helped foster his growth and development. Just recently testing for his 5thDan, he has implemented these principles and tenets into many other facets of life. Throughout his youth Antoni has won numerous awards in local and National Taekwondo competitions. Also on the top of the list, starting at a young age, Antoni shares a passion for board sports. Whether it be skateboarding or snowboarding, he has realized the amount of athleticism and fitness needed to be successful in these activities and the amount of joy it can bring someone. Most recently he discovered his passion for running and Obstacle Course Racing (OCR). Starting in 2012 as a group fun run with other coworkers, he decided to take on the Warrior Dash. Already being a Personal Trainer at the time he knew he needed to prepare for this endeavor. Forcing himself to do so, running was not at the top of his favorites list. After the event his appreciation for running and the sport of OCR exploded. Since then he has attended countless races and road races as well. Improving with each event, he decided to compete in OCR at the beginning of the 2016 season. Since then he has made his way to the podium along with other Elite and Competitive top ten finishes.

Antoni has been certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine since 2009. He is an SGX coach and Obstacle Specialist through Spartan Race. He teaches and trains at Northeast Taekwondo Academy.

Staying active is something that he firmly believes in, cherishes and hopes to inspire others to do on a daily basis. Having been involved in many different communities, helping to promote positive change in any individual's life is a great feeling, and one that helps motivate him to be a better coach and athlete.