Circuit Training & Other Workout Classes in Albany NY

Our Signature Circuit Classes 60 minutes

Every single class offered is a personal group training experience.  Class size is small and limted space is available allowing INDIVIDUAL attention, adjustments and modifications. This is the closest thing to having a one-on-one session, only a fraction of the cost.

                FSF will challenge both your physical being and inner Self.  The instructor will use any variety of resistance training methods. For example, kettle bells, free weights, TRX suspension straps, Rip chords, resistance bands, weighted ropes, etc. along with an intelligent series of yoga, cardio, or pilates sequences to fuse the disciplines into its own unique class. These classes will build strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. This is an open level class that  will have modifications for beginners led by the instructor. A must try for athletes and yogi's alike.   

    Create new patterns by breaking your usual routine.  FLEXIBILITY, strength, endurance, power, cardio and community building all rolled into one DYNAMIC studio. 

Personal Group Training

Obstacle Course Circuit Training

Strength Training

Endurance Training

Flexibility/Mobility Training

You tell us your goals and we create the perfect workout for you.

Hot Body Sculpt

Are you ready to Sweat and have a great time?  This class incorporates fun music, light weights, ankle weights and cardio.   Using a variety of weights and varying intensity keeps your body guessing and constantly challenged.  Expect to work legs, glutes, arms, shoulders, back and core with emphasis on balance and stability.   All fitness levels are welcome.   Highly suggest bringing your own ankle weights as we only have a few pair.  1-5lbs.

Total Body Blast

Total Body is the perfect workout for those with busy lives and limited days to visit the gym.  In 60 minutes you will combine cardio, upper body, lower body and core strength for a TOTAL BODY workout!  There will be lots of personalized attention to correct form with modifications and progressions to accommodate all levels of fitness.  Each week we will introduce a new round of exercises that will increase stability, strength and endurance and keep you motivated! 



This class integrates the brilliant transitions of Budokon® with  straight up calisthenic work.  Have you ever wanted to improve your strength, running, yoga, cross-training, cardio conditioning, mobility etc...  This class gives it all to you.  First phase of class is a mobility warm-up, focused on proper technique of the exercises you will be performing. Next phase is Tabata Style.  20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest for 8 rounds before moving to the next exercise.  This type of work allows your body to be introduced to the movement, to improve the movement, then to Perform the movement with precision.  This class is open to all levels as modifications are always available.  Progressions for advanced students are available also making this the perfect class for anyone.